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Association of Chinese dive motion is aseismatic volunteer providing disaster re
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Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain the heart that the earthquake of arise suddenly is affecting people, lots and lots of the support that people, orgnaization, country and area are using different kind to conveying peoples of pair of disaster area people, the support of aseismatic to attending people providing disaster relief.

What can we be disaster area to do with our special skill? In underwater cameraman Wuli offers newly to fall, wu Lixin, Tan Xiaolong has dived in China the support of Su Ke secretary-general issues athletic association, the delegate that regards China as association of phreatic water motion signs up to attend a volunteer, no matter be aseismatic,rebuild after calamity, the skill that we hope to be able to use us does a few works for disaster area.

If you want to sign up,attend a volunteer, can pass following two orgnaizations sign up

1. Association of Chinese dive motion

Gong Jianchu of deputy secretary-general of secretary-general Su Ke

Phone: 67103475, 67100482, 67113689

Tan Xiaolong of technical committee committee member (mobile phone: 13801334818)

Wu Lixin of photography committee committee member (mobile phone: 13801025769)

Qiu Lei of photography committee committee member (mobile phone: 13601120428)

2. Beijing ducker

Network manager: Service@bjdivers.org