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About holding CMAS diving coach grooms the announcement of the class
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Club of countrywide each dive, school:

To develop personnel of education of dive of high administrative levels, association of Chinese dive motion will 2008 second half of the year holds class of first phase CMAS2 star, SamSung class to dive the coach grooms each each class. Inform groomed concerned matters concerned as follows now:

One, time: In November 2008 the last ten-day of a month or in December the first ten days of a month. Make an appointment with 7-9 day.

2, place: School of dive of provisional Zhan Jiang 2 stars class

3, qualification: Attend groom the personnel of the class must one star of hold CMAS certificate of instructor of class, 2 stars course 2 years of above. Be engaged in nearly 2 years diving education works all the time.

4, sign up: Begin to sign up since the day that the announcement announces, every 6 people, till the newspaper is full. Ended on July 1, 2008. By sign up to be admitted orderly early or late. It is with written time signing up accurate.

5, charge: Board and lodging provides for oneself, tuitional 5000 yuan.

Groom the class of coach across attestation that eligible can attend to be organized with other international dive, specific arrangements informs separately.

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