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Web of 2008 whole nations swim tournament competition rules
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Agonistic date and ground nod:

Came to will be held in Shandong Yantai city on October 15 on October 10, 2008

2, take part in the match unit:

Special Administrative Region of school of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, sports, Hong Kong.

3, agonistic project;

Web swim:

50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 rice of rice, 800 rice of rice, 1500 rice, 4X100, 4X200.

Double web: 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters.

Breathless skin dive:

50 meters

Implement swim:

100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters

4, play way:

(One) except the province one class delegation can sign up outside taking part in the match, provincial team and area delegation join the rest at one's own expenses the match.

(2) each take part in the match the unit can sign up the leader of a sports team 1, trainer 2, the member that the coach holds machinery concurrently 1, the athlete is not restricted.

(3) join a project:

1, 50 meters, 200 meters of 100 rice, web swim reach implement swim project (outside dividing relay) every team is restricted to sign up for an athlete 2 people, 400 meters, 1500 meters of 800 rice, web swim reach implement swim newspaper do not be restricted. Double web every team is restricted to sign up for 2 people.

2, every athlete anounces a number to not be restricted.

(4) take part in the match athlete, trainer must be academician of Chinese dive motion, hong Kong and outside the team is with application form accurate.

5, take part in the match method:

(One) according to national sports total bureau is authorized newest " web swim the contest is regular " undertake.

(2) the athlete must take the place to attend by the collection of project signing up and regulation beforehand, finals, the person that violate will cancel match qualification. The without reason after the athlete signs up does not play the game to competion area, will cancel this team to take part in the match qualification.

(3) match project is carried out by agonistic calendar.

(4) the lane arrangement of relay match is by each group leader of a group on joint meeting of chief judge of trainer the leader of a sports team draw.

(5) mix in each individual match achievement with each team relay achievement obtains amount of gold, silver-colored, bronze medal to arrange group position with place.

6, ref:

Main ref by select of national sports total bureau, cannot quota of people by undertake unit select.

7, admit the place and award

(One) before each unit all is admitted 6, give award.

(2) before total component of male, female organization is admitted respectively 3, give award by congress.

8, sign up with report for duty:

(One) each unit on August 31 before (it is with local indicia accurate) the application form that will print a form in duplicate, sign up for respectively send national sports total bureau part of training of school of dive of Zhan Jiang of aquatic sports management center. Exceed the time limit signs up, talk with attending. After the application form is sent, must not complement or change.
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