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About the announcement that dive of 2008 China International postpones
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2007, dive of the 3rd China International is exhibited in Beijing city of this Olympic Games is held successfully, the leap on its dimensions and quality established China International dive to exhibit the position that holds the balance inside Chinese dive industry further.

Accumulated old success to do the experience that exhibit, china International dive is exhibited had developed those who become international to the brand understands and enter Chinese market the most immediate passage, also be the mainest platform that manufacturer of domestic diving apparatus and international buy domestic communication to contact. And since afterwards used the close cooperation of association with Chinese dive carry 2007, china International dive is exhibited the authority that increased it further and professional, agglomeration had Chinese dive industry most the force of core.

2008, china International dive is exhibited carry praise and return, return Shanghai of its —— of absurd virgin soil afresh. As begin one of core cities with phreatic water most active campaign in China at present, shanghai has its distinctive charm all the time. The high spending ability of Shanghai, spend to be being accepted of burgeoning motion quickly, and of its banking commerce city idiosyncratic, make industry of domestic and international dive senior the capital with dye-in-the-wood larger investment is in personage confidence market of this blue sea.

The 2008 Olympic Gameses that are China year, let us experience the passion of blue Olympic Games of Shanghai, go a good luck, go a success!

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