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Grade of technology of athlete of national sports total bureau runs way
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(5) have other the act that violates this method regulation, cause serious and undesirable society to affect.
During concerned sports service examines and approve authority to pause, of the athlete grade name that its are in an area examine and approve award the job by service of its superior sports for you exercise; After time-out expires, of service of concerned sports of total bureau basis rectify and reform a circumstance, make the decision that restores to its examine and approve authority or lengthen time-out to examine and approve authority deadline.
The 24th has one of following state, ranking sports service ought to the grade title that cancel grants:
(One) have one of state of the 23rd regulation, grant grade the title;
(2) the applicant is in application material of practise fraud;
(3) other win grade title below the condition that violates this method regulation.
Supplementary articles of the 6th chapter
Certificate of name of the 25th grade and badge unite a design by total bureau, print.
Section of sports of the 26th liberation army is examined and approve grant liberation army athlete one class athlete and title of the following grade, and master sportsman of campaign of class of international of athlete of liberation army of examine and verify and application material of name of the following grade; Concerned method is made by proper motion of section of liberation army sports, announce and carry out.

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