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Grade of technology of athlete of national sports total bureau runs way
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The athlete is in different project of up to mark, can offer application respectively.
Examine and verify of the 4th chapter, examine and approve and award
Section of the 15th various sports ought to complete work of examine and verify inside a month after getting application material, press after examine and verify is eligible dozenth a regulation and times are approved.
Service of the 16th various sports ought to be finished inside 3 months after getting application material examine and approve the job.
The seventeenth is examined and approve award a branch to award athlete grade name to must be announced with formal document form, announce content to include area of full name of athletic project, athlete, delegate (unit) wait with the grade title that grant.
The 18th is examined and approve grant a branch ought to keep of an athlete that its grant grade the title " application form of technical grade name " file.
The 19th is examined and approve award a branch to ought to issue grade name certificate and badge to the athlete that wins grade title.
Name of full name of athletic project, athlete, match, time, achievement and certificate number ought to mention expressly to wait inside grade name certificate, the lid examines and approve the become effective after awarding a branch steel seal.
Supervisory examination of the 5th chapter and punish criterion
Service of the 20th various sports ought to strengthen the examine and verify of pair of inferior sports section, supervisory examination that examine and approve and awards the job, correct the examine and verify, act that this way violates in examining and approve the job in time.
Service of the 21st various sports is right examine and verify of inferior sports section, when examining and approve the job to undertake supervisory checking, ought to give concerned circumstance and processing result record, by the file after supervisory examination staff signs.
Any the 22nd branches and individual discover sports section is in examine and verify, examine and approve and award the job to have those who violate this method act, authority is informed against to concerned sports service, sports service ought to be checked in time, processing.
The 23rd has one of following state, to concerning sports service, by total bureau time-out its grade name examines and approve authority 1 to 4 years; To having the director staff of responsibility and direct responsibility personnel, give notice of criticism or disciplinary sanction by concerned sports service; The clue makes crime badly, turn over concerned branch to investigate criminal duty lawfully:
(One) those who do not have warrant nonperformance duty;
(2) misuse of authority, derelict, bring about those who make wrong grade name award;
(3) the attributive that does not press a regulation, program and deadline examine and approve those who grant grade the title;
(4) falsification or those who make over grade name certificate and badge;
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