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About holding the announcement of congress of annual meeting of Chinese dive ass
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Club of countrywide each dive, company, school, zhan Jiang goes school:

China dived 2007 association annual meeting and thirteenth congress of countrywide dive club, hold ceremoniously in Beijing on August 2007. To promote the development of Chinese dive industry, current mass rally will exhibit · Beijing to be held jointly with dive of 2007 China International.

China dives athletic association invites club of countrywide each dive, company, school cordially, group of domestic and international dive attends the meeting before friendly personage. Inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:

One, time:

On August 25, 2007 (6) report for duty afternoon

On August 26, 2007 (day) reach in the morning afternoon the conference

On August 27, 2007 (one) dive of visiting China International is exhibited reach participate in relevant seminar

2, place: Exhibition hall of trade of nation of China International trade centre

Beijing founds a state door Wai Street 1

3, join staff:
China dives athletic association concerns a leader

China dives each member unit represents athletic association

CMAS&CUA diving coach

Area of Taiwan of Hong Kong of specially invite China, China dives association is represented

Specially invite PADI, NAUI, ADS, SSI is represented

Industry of other domestic and international dive represents specially invite

4, charge:
Hand in 800 yuan of conferences to expend each (contain conference material, souvenir, welcome the) such as late banquet.

5, accommodation:

Congress recommends 4 stars, 3 stars and economy hotel a certain number of homes, offer congress agreement price, for attending the meeting personnel freedom chooses.

6, have dinner:

Welcomed late banquet on August 25, 2007 (with 2007 China International phreatic water exhibits banquet of the evening that postpone business to be held at the same time)

Place: Country trade restaurant banqueting hall

7, move fit a requirement:

The man is being needed installing, the lady is needing decent dress.

8, conference content:
26 days morning

1.Subject of Chairman Zhang Qing reports

2.Xin Qunying is standing the vice-chairman speaks

3.Long-term hired hand of Su Ke's secretary makes a report

4.Announce newest government regulation

5.Commend advanced club or outstanding contribution individual

6.Admit entrant

7.Issue card of diving coach bosom

26 days afternoon

8.Member have an informal discussion

9, news announcement:
Ask each member unit, individual at any time Www.cua.cn of advertent association website, if have latest news, association will be announced on the net above all.
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