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About making China recreational dive publicizes the announcement of an album of
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Club of countrywide each dive, company, school:

Move for the conduct propaganda, go under water that extends our country, enlarge China to dive athletic association and each dive club are in domestic and international influence, in order to facilitate international communicates. Association will give main fund design to make an elegant dive publicize an album of paintings. Content of an album of paintings includes: China dives athletic association circumstance introduces; Photograph of underwater of gold prize of world dive federation; Each dive club develops mobile case; And circumstance of in-service and outstanding trainer. Ask the whole nation to dive club, company, school is taken an active part in each eagerly contribute. Additionally an album of paintings is returned wait for PADI of introduction of layout of put apart part, NAUI, ADS, SSI international dive organization.

One, each club must offer chromophotograph 3-5 piece, club of 300 words less than introduces, club director picture, connect a telephone call, electronic mailbox. Charge 1000 yuan.

2, we still are obligate of trainer of above of 2 stars class propagandist layout, the trainer that is willing to publicize oneself asks address of the photograph oneself, phone, communication to be sent to association, charge 500 yuan.

We are striven for this an album of paintings is published when be met year after year today, because time is close, the opportunity is rare, ask each club, trainer is sure to refer association at the material will be being concerned before March 5, also can transmit through email, expire excuse me reject a complaint.

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