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About attending the announcement that photography of Ping Yao international post
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Government of You Pingyao's people and society of Chinese art photography sponsor international photography exhibited Ping Yao 2006 will begin to be held in Ping Yao ancient city on September 16, 2006.

Via China phreatic water association and congress decide, international photography exhibits current Ping Yao to offer technically to exhibit an area for my association, show the phreatic water picture that by me the member provides.

Current photography exhibits tag of share of phreatic water photography to be " marine heart " dive photography is exhibited. This second exhibition serves as an attempt, if win a success, association will hold photography of a dive technically to exhibit at Beijing is in by this year, welcome member of each club, each dive, harbor, bay, the stage dives the organization offers picture ginseng to exhibit. Detailed regulation informs separately.

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