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Lasi Mohanmode underwater country
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The position of the park is in on the west of Nai peninsula most Na Duan, intense underwater undercurrent offerred a large number of nutrient for all biology. The record inside park of home of Germany of silent rarely silent has on 1000 kinds fish and hundreds kinds soft hard coral. Eel of Su Mei of Napoleon grand head, bare chest and chelonian are over there often live dweller. If you can deal with the summer burning hot, from June the middle ten days of a month arrives August the middle ten days of a month, pull this park of heart of silent of · silent rarely will greet optimal season, that is the season with a lot of copulatory fish, because this can see the piscine all over the sky of swarm flutter, make a person dazzling!
” of as blue as “ bank channel (Straits Of Tiran) similar, the share here goes the place also has challenge sex, the undercurrent that expects hard and cliff bluff.

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