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Divingly dot still needs essence of life to carry fine the Shibadan that picks c
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Sina sports dispatch likes pilgrim mental view medium Mecca is same, shi Badan (Sipadan) resembles is the heaven in diver memory. Shi Badan island is located Yudongma is southwest, be apart from celestial being this that harbor (the north of Semporna Port)36 kilometer Xi Libai sea (on Celebes Sea) , be located in north latitude 4 degrees or so, although extremely close equator, very cool however, old horse government to the ” of phreatic water heaven that “ world the first of all is here. Shi Badan island by volcanic orogenic movement, marine Liu Kuai is in 2000 meters greatly from the sea ridge in a field rises and form up. Complete island is less than 30 mus, refluent when whole island shows horse's hoof model, walk along complete island circuit not to exceed 20 minutes, and 1/5 is not remained only however after flood.

Every restaurant on the island does not exceed 20 meters from beach, and plummet is after 5 meters decharge 600 ~ 700 meters of deep azure blue are marine. It is so advantaged condition, visited phreatic water to had been been the same as through having the phreatic water magazine of consequence 1993 so, they think Shibadan is ” of dive of seaside of the “ on the world consistently most, first what also be 5 big cliff of world to dive at the same time. Water is warm the visibility in gentle of gentle, current, water also is belonged to in on, more convenient is to arrive go the time of the dot won't exceed 10 minutes. And be apart from what boat Cheng is less than Shibadan 15 minutes to still have bezoar of a horse and Kabalai two isles, they also with rich marine zoology celebrated, ” of dive of its “ rubbish is most famous.