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Divingly dot still needs essence of life to carry fine the Guam that chooses cat
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Guam of sina sports dispatch is located in a Mariana most Na Duan, it is the American territory that is close to China most. Be in on the west in Zhu Dao of Pacific Ocean Micronesia, domain the biggest, population is most. Guam belongs to selva climate, year rainfall 2000 millimeter, often have an earthquake; The fun that has phreatic water and sightseeing holds concurrently over there, the family happiness with familial dive.

This mysterious intertropical island and the island of class of a place of strategic importance around are the same as the contention battle because of the cruelty when World War II and famed, but already became burgeoning holiday resort now, annual the tourist exceeds million. Tourism is brought for Guam approximate 60% earnings, it is the economic pillar of this islands. Yan Mian's ceaseless coasting, grain is fine young the blue reef lake that beach, glowed cay, glittering and translucent get rid of appears, and the tropical vegetation on the island, chute, volcanic, brook, all sorts of contented tourist that love aquatic sports and field and expeditionary activity people taste.

Of the island southeastern have Mariana Trench of the world's darkest trench of Ma Liya accept, here be pregnant with the marine fish with 700 kinds of colourful above reachs a variety of 400 coral, brought up Guam the marine zoology of advantaged, diversification, attracting the phreatic water lover of different level.