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Wu raises Wu of continent island brief introduction to raise continent island, renown lover island, be located in 3 inferior inside the bay of Chinese flowering crabapple of city north, in with south bay monkey island stand far apart facing each other, so-called the world is faced south of the first bay inferior Long Wan. Wu raises continent island to belong to intertropical maritime climate, annual enrages bright blandly, the four seasons happy person. Because the isle is located in 3 inferior inside bay of Chinese flowering crabapple, kept away from typhonic corridor, here arbor is lofty and forceful, bush exuberance hangs down in clusters, be like natural knit the green blanket of a massiness wraps around to go up in the island, beautiful qualitative day is become. Growing a lot of precious trees are planted, be like the Long Xieshu of ” of the giant panda in having plant kingdom of the “ that be called, a lot of plant phenomena that see inaccessibly, if “ is accrete ” , “ parasitism ” , “ bowstring ” . This island east, south two peaks are linked together, highest peak 79.9 meters, hang cliff stand like a wall, its issue reef extremely, jing billows pats, spoondrift is like snow.

The island reachs north on the west, relief is made the same score gradually, bend a beach, sandiness is fine white. Seawater is without pollution all round islands, maritime space seawater is clear and transparent, highest visibility amounts to 27 meters, it is natural fishing ground, teem with the Spanish mackerel, grouper, sea urchin, holothurian, prawn, green snail, tropical fish that reachs multicoloured. Magical marine world is fascicular multicolored, configuration the coral of each different, it is Hainan the area with coastal rich the wholest protection, can calls China resort of the first dive!

Wu raises continent island to be like,have numerous maritime recreation project: Phreatic water, go partly sightseeing boat, maritime motorboat, beach

Autocycle, sea angles, boat of football of volleyball of island of annulus of umbrella of caique, sail board, slippery water, daggle, mosquito craft, beach, beach, banana, canoe waits numerous maritime recreation a moment the feeling that the project lets you are deep-felt Wu is raised continent joy and passion! You Lun of several luxurious air conditioning and several luxurious mosquito craft go there and back between land and island, range of 20 minutes lets you undertake the whole thing the boundless glamour of ” of “ hill, sea, day.

Introduction of the tourist attraction on the island if: Watch day of cliff, be located in southeast cliff of the island, the station is on tremendous rock by Gao Linfeng, look down at complete island, extensive Nanhai all stops eye ground. Below cliff, strange stone is bony, one honour natural big Shi Fo, face the sea of broad boundless, the first dawn of new century appears from now on, the sun of bright red rises gradually from the seaside, form the maritime view sunrise of beautiful of a special skill to nod. It is to treat the lake undoubtedly here, listen billows first-rate place. Mom ancestor temple, one of temple with the oldest Hainan. Fishing person is religious consecrate is nautical protective god Mom ancestor, mom ancestor is dim of person of fishing of the Mesozoic move that protect bless restful. The temple hall with multicolored of primitive simplicity, light one column sweet, make wish silently, the years with a long time ago think about with affection is erst. What should ascend a boat to come to vast once more is maritime, the overlook that face wind, idle affection go angling, have different mood and experience oneself. Time the Wu that if knit,looks at green meaning raises continent island, those who comprehend a heart is clever fly upwards ……
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