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Xi Badan island
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Malaysia (Malaysia) , countrywide gross area kilometer of twenty-nine thousand six hundred and nineteen square, population one, cent east horse, on the west horse two parts, capital kuala lumpur (Kuala Lumpur) is located in on the west horse, on the Malaya of Thailand south, the horse is located in mother-in-law collect city east (Borneo) is upper, two horses lie between the sea silent Yao is right, sit to lie apart makes an appointment with 1000 kilometers; The horse is divided again east for Sha Ba (Sabah) and sand are scooped up more (Sarawak) two cities.

Sha Ba city is located in north of mother-in-law collect city to carry, old friends and acquaintances ” of Luo Zhou of mother-in-law of Cheng “ north, area 76, 115 square kilometer, population is made an appointment with 1.2 million, the beauty that has ” of earth of “ wind go to the countryside praise, also be called the Eden ” of “ mother-in-law Luo Zhou, teem with oil, balata and lumber, fishery also very develop, natural resourceful, it is the state with old the poorest horse however, because of,all start at the city government and concern to be not mixed federally, and Sha Ba of 76 years old's independent father — Mu Sida is changed. After breathing out logical sequence to die at 95 the beginning of the year, indicative Sha Ba city will change new face again. Sha Ba 3 annulus sea, there is Xi Libai of great capacity southeast its (Celebes Sea) , northeast has Su Luhai (Sulu Sea) , northwest just is Southern China (South China Sea) , its metropolis elder brother makes capital that Ba Lu (Kota Kinabalu Hong Kong says more inferior shelter city, place says KK) is located in namely on northwest coasting, lying between The Nansha Islands and in south the photograph of Vietnam a long time of the peninsula looks, southwest Fang Yousha is scooped up jump over city and Brunei kingdom (Brunei Darussalam) , the Jialimandan of south criterion and Indonesia (Kalimantan, indonesia) photograph adjacent. Hill is located in the Jinabalu of Sha Ba churchyard inferior shelter city east is in 40 lis, height above sea level 4485 meters, it is southeast Asia the first high mountain, be arranged by “ Jia Dashan library of place a group of things with common features ” person regards “ emperor hill as ” , renown ” of “ god hill, according to legend is when Ming Dynasty, marry into and live with wife's family of a Chinese youth gives earthy chief of a tribe of place the princess, answer domestic mothering to be not returned however later, the princess thinks of husband heart to cut, ascend Jinabalu everyday hill, north looks at maritime sail shadow, in take one's own life of disappointed devoted hill lake, later generations Bei she is spoony, reason calls this hill ” of hill of “ China widow; When allegedly Zheng He issues West 7 times, ever also climbed ascend this hill for many times, often Chinese cultural relic comes up out of land, on hill more Chang Cheng is opening the biggest flower on a world.
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