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Lira of wave much style
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Boduogenila is optimal lover.

She has beautiful appearance, what there is rock in her disposition is calm and sturdy, coralline is flowery and amorous, also taking marine biologic soft beautiful profusion.

She is adornment ace, even if beautiful qualitative day is become, read aloud however read aloud not to hope collect is worldly the most beautiful natural stuff, clever and tie-in, casual let you appreciate the beauty that has arrangement most.

She still is an impressionistic painter, picasso's passion combines the thick Mo Chongcai with tall every, for you scale gives an impressionistic classic of a much appearance of harmonious, charming and gentle.

Come, the love that talks about a dynamic with Boduogenila!

Fall in love at first sight —— likes to be about to speak out

Boduogenila (Puerto Galera) be located in Philippine south the biggest island bright of much Luo Dao east side, it is one of the most beautiful natural haven on the world. The biology in the water of the terrane grain of multiterminal of the coral garden of shallow sea region, change and colour profusion, formed the phreatic water Eden of a dream.

Come out from the airport, we pass two distance of half hours, arrived to be located in Manila with 8 dozens of wild goose south (Batangas) dock. Imagine so neatly without me on beach, but seawater is clear however see an end, nearby maritime stopped several cockboat and the crab boat that have hear of early. This is a kind very distinctive boat, open wide, have ceiling, differ according to size, can take 10 - 100 people. Two side delay hull extend parallel the bulky wood pole at hull, have the skid that resembled helicopter, local tells me such construction is helpful for stabilizing a boat the balance sex in storm. Its appearance resembles extremely the big crab that stretchs a leg, reason gets a crab boat. After 50 minutes of range, the sanded state beach that arrives at Boduogenila (Sabang Beach) , in those days have been sunset time, we enter a public house rapidly, plan phreatic water program, an actor's costumes is changed after washing bath simply, taking decimal code to experience the flourishing night life of sanded state beach.

Walk out of a hotel before long, arrived Sha Bang's most lively market. Scan widely looks, the tourist that seems to come from world each district wants over native, full market is good not lively. Everybody lives quiet life it seems that, children play happily in street fight noisely. Roadside is stopping by the jeep with colourful illuminative (Jeepney) , but that is Philippine a kind of distinctive vehicle, change his costume or dress by the jeep that American soldier stays at that time and become. Its stannic aluminium or the argent bodywork that stainless steel laps, always be drawn colourfully colorful, besides outside decorate, car head still has all sorts of originality. I remember been pleasant to the eye in TV travel program before, but the spot sees, still was affected, admire the infinite and artistic imagination of local indeed.
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