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Lira of wave much style 2
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What let me be reluctant to leave truly is Boduogenila is the famousest go bit of —— 峽cereal (Canyons)

This goes nod very good identifying, water upper part is terrestrial beacon. Cay brae landform by 20 meters of submergence, go to fast corner office to one flows by force, the benthic biology before is flying glide, resembling is like putting speed motion picture, casual crossed a gorge. Drop as little ground, flow by force begin slowly slacken, the sea fan that can see 3 meters the diameter amounts to 2 ~ clearly, sea turtle leisurely the ground swims between coral, porgy of stone perch, spot and ground of butterfly fish life are footloose. Must not miss now and then take a photo as a souvenir of shark of shark of head of ray of the devil fish that shows a body, eagle, mallet, long end, these can be the star model of marine world. But flowing by force, not be an easy thing to Jiao Ke, a few pieces are caught pat all end in order to fail.

The 2nd go to differ more completely than rising, sanded state heavy boat (Sabang Wreck) go this bit of relief is gentlier, 3 heavy boats are made the same score quietly lie hereat, these heavy boats are to build completely go to nod and put park this, although be without the meaning of expeditionary archaeology, but these heavy boats make a fish collect the ground, the Spanish mackerel of swarm moves back and forth hereat, those who await diver hello feed. The flatfish on sanded ground, the small hagfish in sea anemone, transparent clean shrimp let me remember many " marine general mobilization " clue, relaxed and humorous.

Alma Jane heavy boat (Alma Jane Wreck) . This is the heavy ship that just places before a few years, newer, heavy without Shabang boat those a few are interesting. Should go guide after tying up float ball, follow he is catching cord to play heavy boat part. Over there visibility is general, flow force is more powerful, go guide interpose at safe problem, went to come up before long.

Final marine journey end is in wall hole (Hole In The Wall) , the position is close to Aisika to repair very much. Form if name, as expected one side is like the reef like stonewalling dish appear, wall edge has beautiful coral, there still is a large hole on the wall, enter through mouth of a cave among them, went to to bestrew valley of sea floor of chromatic sponge and coralline. In quiet valley, sunshine illuminate is very strong, landscape is extremely beautiful. Bypass stonewalling, can see perch of fish of moray, lion, stone is in around shake from side to side, there are many beanses on coral of willow of net of one individual plant fourth sea horse.

Boduogenila is in spanish is favorite for ” of “ carrack haven. At the beginning of 16 centuries, spaish is here to avoid a typhoon to stay, also be wherefrom rises momently, the marine gate of this beautiful isle by slowly open, the water world of rich and colorful lets come this person uncannily unceasingly, as if come to heaven general.
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