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Xi Badan island 2
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1.Big cliff of ─ of Drop Off

The biggest average deepness is 600 meters, be cliff dive most, also be the best littoral dive on the world, and be in the lowest point is the good place that night goes. Go forth down cliff, chelonian, shark moves back and forth at the moment in you at any time and pass, languid is lazy forage back and forth; Still have other a variety of fish if lion fish, giant salamander, moray, alone cowfish. When night goes in the evening, you can see height the parrot of 1.5 gigantic swage head to 2 meters are in the burrow of cliff snore Mian.

2.Hole of chelonian of ─ of Turtle Cavern

This goes nod average deepness to be 15 ~ 20 meters, the biggest deepness is 21 meters. This goes the dot must want to guide going company, avoid by all means dives alone chelonian hole; And proper and good flotage and control of bad news air are to slip into the skill with chelonian the most fundamental hole, enter what frog shoe should note when this chelonian hole to swing additionally, lest affect the visibility inside the hole. Here already went into Shibadan's name dot, there is the anatomy of a lot of chelonians inside burrow, add trifling mystery and disconsolate legend. There is one marked billboard in the entrance of chelonian hole, warn diver to be not entered boldly, if want to enter, the assistance that the island goes and rope of phreatic water lamp are necessary.

3.Mullet of gold of ─ of Barracuda Point is nodded

This bit of average deepness is 14 meters, the biggest deepness is 600 meters. This goes bit of change multiterminal, species is extremely rich; Act the mullet of on 1000 gold of leading role to forage here, formation mullet storm front is extremely grand, it is here most the landscape with peculiar shock letting a person. And go up in the most shallow sanded ground, have a lot of garden eel and white fim shark, and Scorpio fish, stone fish, Xie Yu, color is bright-coloured naked branchial kind, fish of balloonfish, chelonian, artillery shell also can see here. The shark appears here all the more kind, because food is rich,be probably, make 牠 people be short of to diver interest be short of. This bit of current is more powerful, need special attention.

4.Garden of coral of ─ of Coral Garden

This bit of average deepness is 10 meters, coral sort is various it is characteristic of this bit, include all sorts of antler coral, desktop coral, soft coral and tubbish coral. The marine biology of other still has shark of porgy of artillery shell fish, big Shi Ban, the Dragon King, chelonian, leopard to wait, the stain on body of this leopard shark is extremely special, and streamline husky bodily form is rivalled absolutely general white fim shark.

5.Highway of shark of ─ of White Tip Avenue

Average deepness is 16 meters. This goes the dot has giant soft hard coral, especially Hei Shanhu and giant sea fan and sponge. And the frequenter that fish of large school, shark, chelonian, Jack Fish, artillery shell is here, still have beauty and phyletic and numerous naked branchial kind; This is a hearten letting a person go dot.
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