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Baltic collect folk songs
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People habit will be Baltic the people of coastal Latvian, Estonia, Lithuania calls Baltic person, this is the culture tradition that results from them to having close, be close to the sea likewise again, and folk literature and folk-custom give priority to a problem with the sea mostly again.
Annual between June, baltic person wants part of spend joyfully Summer Solstice. At the appointed time, hard the people of number plan gathers in thalassic place, light ablaze bonfire, meaning contain is worn bright victory is dark. People round bonfire start poussette. The boy of fasting bold and amorous girl jump over ablaze flame bravely, cheer to one's heart's contently to the top of one's bent caper. Because people believes, the person body that always can skip flame will dispel disease is macrobian.
Lithuanian person calls solstitial red-letter day ” of section of “ benefit fruit. This day, what people can put on a nation is full-dress, deserve to act the role of the decorations of the characteristic of extremely rich people such as chatelaine on the dress even. A lot of families can be surrounded all round sit beside table of illuminative of the leaf that use camphor tree, lift a cup of mutual congratulation. People still likes to plunge into anadem to wear with oak leaf mostly go up in the head, meaning contain good fortune as one wishes.
After all previous classics is orgiastic, girl and boys can go straight towards Xiang Senlin or field, over once more to the top of one's bent happy get-together. Girls can calculate divinatory symbols for oneself, of augur future flexibly Lang Jun or it is Bai Ma prince. Girls throw anadem in water mostly or be to be cast to the tree, will figure with this oneself destiny how.
Baltic person loves the joyful activity of solstitial section. Solstitial section this one night, people is met ground of all night until dawn is orgiastic, to the top of one's bent graceful dance mixes joyous song deflower, extract drug. Wait for late at night time, meeting general Tu Yousong's oily vintage wheel ignites people, push from hill next. The motion of this flaming wheel is symbolic sun. Inform people, since this day the sun will leave horizon further and further.
Baltic person still is fond of very hold annual singing section. And the original originality that runs singing red-letter day results from Latvian person, satisfy those who get Lithuanian person and Estonian to answer. During singing section, meeting know exactly about sth comes with the audience of hundred thousands of the super cantata of person of listen respectfully number, its its situation, weiwei is grand.
With respect to generally speaking, attend chorally the number is in 150 - 200 people are cantata namely, but the cantata that Lithuania often holds 10 thousand people however, and still invite hamster the philharmonic of other country attends. The singing game with this kind of great dimensions should last one day, hold royal ball even the next day. What differ with singing match place is, the performer of ball is professional actor more, there is no lack of even before having person of art altar big wrist, will display art. Their wonderful performance, make people is enmeshed completely in joy, appreciate arrives the life is how good.
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