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Seize the mystery of life cliff
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The cliff with the one department beautiful view in channel of Yinglun of look down at of bank of British the East China Sea, if the knife is cut stand tall and upright in the seaside. Light of cliff against the wind is picturesque, green grass is like mattress, it is a very absorbing tourist attraction, but the cliff that also is famous death. Come for years, already on 1000 people jump down the cliff with nearly 1000 deep feet from cliff top. Come from the United States, France, Germany and Dutch tourist a lot of more every year to come round to visit, they ascend cliff top, somebody becomes suddenly on wings, think devoted cliff issues the sea cannot refrain fromingly, in a kind of clever unreal clever feel really drive below, jump jumps down cliff.
A psychological doctor of a hospital ever was opposite England the thing that a lot of tourists commit suicide over had 20 old research. A lot of suicide are the tourist that will cheerfully make a sightseeing tour formerly, do not have suicidal thought beforehand. He thinks a lot of people are park in attractive scenery, relaxed and happy when a kind of of generation indescribable psychology that abstains hard, facilitate they commit suicide.