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The mystery of ghostliness island
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On boundless and indistinct sea, have a few strange islands. Their ghost secretive, appear when them before people when, specific and honest; And when they disappear stealthily, however into thin air. This is ghostliness island.
On July 10, 1831, the island in cc of mediterranean of by way of of an Italian boat is southwest square maritime, sailors are abrupt see offing upsurges a many meters 20 tall water column, circumference is close many meters 730. In an instant between turn posse into full of smoke vapour, rise nearly 600 meters headroom. After 8 days, when this boat is returned, a fumy isle appeared here. The following in more than 10 days, it is brought up ceaselessly, grow by 4 meters many meters 60 tall, circumference also expands 4.8 kilometers.
Just when a few countries are in,the to build this new island cudgel one's brains for, establish that authority gives priority to between each other quarrels a few desire open fight between factions when, it begins to narrow suddenly, new hidden from view enters benthic after 3 months. It ever appeared again and again again after, still had performed till 1950.
On freezing the Arctic Ocean, people also discovers this kind of magical land for many times. Be in burning hot south the ” of “ ghostliness island that there is type of a legend as much on Pacific Ocean. The mariner that has seen it has a lot of a lot of, occurrence position is consistent also, but when scientists go making an on-the-spot investigation, what discover that is a few kilometre locally however is deep-sea!