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Seismic sea wave collects an interest
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Of Alaska southeastern, stannum blocks the put in order that toward north 230 kilometers handle to check a bay especially, july 1958, produced human throughout history foregone the biggest seismic sea wave. Manage checks a bay not conspicuous, depth does not cross 11 kilometers, the biggest width also has 3.2 kilometers only. The sea floor that manage checks a bay relatively in amount to 216 meters.
On July 9, 1958 20:10, as severe earthquake, check from manage deafening concussion sound is transmitted in the bay, a situation full of danger seems to upsurge from bay bottom, many meters 30 tall wave crest resembles an abrupt water wall, water wall resembles ten million be equal to feral bronco, mouth of swift and violent go at bay, a glistening thing (ice cube) fly to the middle of sky …… anchor is reasonable 2 boats that check a bay, by fierce billows billow is cast to headroom, among them a boat is in ” of acrobatics of flying boat of this headroom “ , be bumped into so that smash, 4 survival are in dim in dim dim light of night, see thickly dotted ground is floating on offing the big truncal … of bald…
Original, the Fuyaweiya that manage checks bay northeast to carry in fault, produced earthquake of 7.9 on the Richter scale, happen to rupture newly again on fault, in rupture some ground faults on the line moved 6.3 meters, some places carry rise 1 meter of many ……
Be full of on surface for nothing ice cube, some definitely piece diameter many meters 30, former the glacier of bank of press hard on, retreated many meters 300 than seismic around, bank together 900 meters tall, 800 - 900 meters wide, thick many meters 90 cliff, estimate 90 million tons of above, produce collapse as fiercely shake, arouse deafening noise and billow, billow with every second 40 - 60 meters speed go at is not far on the hillside of 516 meters of altitude. In the hillside under 516 meters of height, dense arboreous clear off, shucking earthy layer at least 30 - 80 centimeters of above, of bald base cliff appears in all without involuntary discharge of urine, connect a diameter 1 - …… of 1.2 meters twist off of big Shu Qigen.
Those who be as high as 516 meters is violent after evil billow gets back, fold again later, go at is thither, the hillside loot over there one sky, fold again next later, go at goes, the height of billow of this seismic sea wave, sufficient have 520 meters, this is authentic ground doubt.

According to " Jinisi of the world most encyclopedia " account, the seismic sea wave that causes the biggest by the earthquake, it is the Shi Yuan island that happened in archipelago of Japanese Liu ball on April 24, 1971, tremendous ocean wave wave crest is as high as 84.7 meters, whole cay that the billow of that topple the mountains and overturn the seas will heft 850 tons casts a 2.092 kilometers besides, the photograph of height of billow of seismic sea wave that it and manage check a bay to be caused by seismic avalanche is compared, former the 1 / that reachs latter only 6.
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