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My phreatic water course
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Cooperate of the ruler of heaven, still be heavy rain yesterday evening, today unexpectedly very fine.

The place that we go to today is to be in Sydney the Oak Tree of little famous energy of life, in Cronulla Beach. Come to this area for the first time, very beautiful area. Grow long quiet Beach.

Just enter the water, see a tremendous Blue Groper, have my arm about so long. See it, I am afraid of a bit. We swim along the rock below the sea. A lot of sea urchin grew among rock. Look up the fish that can see a flock of yellow black article is moved downstream in sunshine, him feeling is to swim in the bowl of aquaria.

On the road that returns in the morning, we rise to the way that surface seeks. When going downward again, how didn't I sink to go down. Flap desperately fin, still can feel fin hits a water truly. Teammate looked round I, without discovery I have difficulty to go down, disappear very quickly inside my line of sight. We had agreed wandered away, rise to surface to seek a person. I am forced to wait for them in surface. Have a minute of time that be less than only, but looking far the coast, with quiet and mysterious sea, I feel a fear. I immerse oneself in the activity in water sees in water, have the wild animal with tremendous what to stand by me. When I look up again when giving water, saw two teammate float came out, the rapture in the heart. They have 4 meters or so from me only.

End the dive in the morning, just toed disembark an equipment debus, from the back a pair of people that come up (they do not learn, it is the lover that oneself will come to dive) say to see a shark, big - Nose Shark, about 1.5 meters long. Listen so that I am afraid of. Major nevertheless shark won't atttack a person, but the reputation of the shark is too bad, listening to a shark this name, with respect to heart Jing be terrified. Teammate always still says the shark likes to eat a Chinese, because the Chinese eats fim.

The main goal that dives afternoon is a small hole child. Everybody says a hole child special club, nevertheless I did not see well well however. Because go in one by one, although took electric torch, I still feel very be afraid of. Go in the sunshine that sees one swarm fish come fully surely in the hole is moved downstream. Looked only, swim hastily. Get on for a hole child before, a person that takes us to go gestured to us “ of a gesticulation notices to look, careful shark ” . Of the sign that discovers a shark here namely this morning. Listen my heart is mediumly one cold, I still can be done not have and shark in all swim psychological preparation. Everybody leans closely ceaseless look around, do not have a thing in safety all the way. The coach says with us, diver is right shark (not be tremendous of course the sort of) state of mind is to look forward to to see again scared. Andrew says to be in later underwater when, expect to be able to see a shark a bit. I just do not think. Closing is big small, all does not want.
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