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The " lamplight in sea floor "
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Do you know the " lamplight " in sea floor return in the ocean of capacious boundless OK and statified? The answer is affirmative. Arrive from marine surface 200 meters of deep benthic, be called marine superstratum. The sunshine here passes through seawater, seawater is bright and show sky blue; From 200 meters of water layers to 1000 meters, call marine middle-level, the sunshine here cannot pass through seawater entirely, the ray is very faint, seawater is a bice; From 1000 meters of water layers to 4000 meters, be called half deep-sea layer, here is not aware of a bit sunshine, it is an inky dark world.

Strange is, the life can give off light in the half fish great majority in deep-sea layer. Be like grass carp fish, it has one magnify mouth, a pole grows on the top of head like piscine lever. There is a glow on lever implement, resemble a little light. " of this " little light gives out flaxen light, a few fish saw light, consider as small fish, go with respect to pounce, result as it happens falls in its big mouth. Grass carp still has the thing like one branch below piscine mouth, its action resembles the bamboo staff that takes in blind hand, use visit road and catch food.