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Maritime " emperor loves demon fire "
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  of maritime " of fire of demon of " emperor love 1521, when great navigator Mai Zhelun leads fleet to circle the earth for the first time, an oddity happened in Atlantic: A day night, it is on the offing with not far Brazil of distance South America, issued a rainstorm suddenly, fleet struggles in billow of thunder occur simultaneously, fierce wind ongoing, the condition is hazardous extremely.

Lead jack-tar and storm to fight in Mai Zhelun when, discover to there is blue blaze on mast lever suddenly, appear beautiful and clinking in the night. This kind of blaze is like demon fire, around move of mast brandish do not go, very weird. Appear in blue blaze before long, stormy unexpectedly was appeased. In the following voyage, this great navigator summary gives such rule, the night in the rainstorm, always appear blaze of this kind of blue, weather can improve. The blaze of this kind of blue that they see, it is jack-tar people " of says fire of demon of " emperor love.

According to scientist introduction, "" of fire of holy love demon is headroom is electropositive with electronegative and mutual attract, touch attack firing natural phenomenon. Touch in headroom after attacking, electric flower is added on tower needle or mast, formed twinkle wave " of swimming fire of demon of " emperor love.