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Slip into the world of dreamy sea floor of southeast Asia
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Be born in to do not have the place of the sea, also had not seen a decent heavy snow. The four seasons if spring advantage is need not change the clothes season is cleared away, disadvantage is the life as weather change is too little, it is the flower of greenery eyeful all the year round, some day sees quite numerous flower see enough greenery, departure dream is to treat the lake, watch a heavy snow.

The sea of Shenzhen is not the blue that think already. Although live the house can see the sea on the balcony, the feeling that leaves the of great capacity is distant still.

Fly across the ocean of hemisphere of thing of north and south to treat the lake, by air, by boat, by train car along different coasting.

After accidental attempt dives, almost all holiday fly to it seems that sound is in in the heart southward call: Phreatic water Xiang Na!

The state of recreational dive is not to see you can go much deeper, inspect you had gone how many place. Phreatic water and journey are the corner that wants the world, some a few places allow the possibility you are reluctant to leave, go a lot of times or be to stay at this point come down. Different is, you are diver, there still can be a huge package besides the knapsack in you so, it is to have mesh normally OK and slack, can put down you to dive all actor's costumes, and the value that equips in this bag can exceed packets all journeys are big before you normally. If you fall in love with phreatic water unfortunately, your load ability is certain and ambitious. Had seen those go in big airport change trains a certain isle? At least two are wrapped greatly, return probably must greatly crural web is taken go up in the hand. Aerobic bottle and load plumbic piece is to need not be taken, the actor's costumes of that a suit that can dive besides occupies a place to still sink especially again. Phreatic water and journey are the most different depend on, the journey shakes on the ground normally, look for the audition that look those who eat play. . .

And phreatic water more seem in three-dimensional world You Le, drift of below or so around lets you do as one wants on! One not careful brush a shoulder with chelonian and pass, organic meeting and whale shark go back and forth between libertinism, highest state is the dot that looks for those need magnifier to just look clear allegedly. Dive even if oneself makeup play the part of so that resemble a fish as far as possible, abandon the use of the hand, breathing out oneself when the fish hubble-bubble has a good swim in underwater world, the person's world is returned before oxygen is gone every time, expression of the myriad on the face, communicating the underwater world in respective eye. Expecting the small bleb in the body is fast, good carrying gas cylinder on the back to jump down again. “ looks enough ” this word is nonexistent in diver vocabulary!

This is an experience that has tried to forget hard.
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