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Pour an island: Phreatic water heaven
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The humanitarian landscape on Su Mei island is not much, a the most important is a seaside aureate big figure of Buddha (BigBuddha) , be located on drawing near fragrance island, pu is below big figure of Buddha inferior temple, face closely with advocate insular connective overbridge. Su Mei island all around have a few 80 isles, these leave the characteristic that the island also is travel of Su Mei island to be in.   

From Su Mei insular dock sets out, take small-sized houseboat, head for these isles OK and conveniently. The island leaves in a few 80 in the center, pour an island (KoTao) is most famed, the isle that this appearance resembles a tortoise quite is the phreatic water resort with the famousest Thailand. Stand by an island, the maritime space that is place simply is convinced, the seawater of quiet offing, clear visible background call person mistake river water even, the flavour ability that has Xian Xian only it seems that confirms its sterling tone. Because seawater is crystal, underwater landscape is rich, market of all sides pouring an island is gathering to deploy the phreatic water ace of all sorts of professional equipment. Place pouring an island also is opening the dive that suits different level student to practice a class, dive of course the certificate of study ability qualified that needs proper time, if the word of only informal amuse oneself, wear swim the simple float of lens goes to also be met very interesting. Worth while and advertent is, the coral cliff below the sea very easily cut hands or feet, must avoid and far. Additional, to maintain zoology environment, place nots allow to make the briny live thing that fishs for and so on of starfish, conch from the privately in the sea, the friend that likes to these feeling must be paid attention to. After swimming, set foot on an island, sample dish of the daily life of a family also can not have taste.