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"Frogman" Phi diving equipment dive into 8-hour stealing golf balls 1600
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Wearing a "frogman suits", riding on the night sneaking into the enemy base from the water - this scene in many Hollywood blockbusters can be seen, but if someone wearing a "frogman suits" to the golf course to steal the ball, many people may not believe it. But yesterday (May 18) at the press from the public security departments that Haining, Jiaxing, Haining Eagle's Nest District such a strange thing happened. Fishing the ball is first to contract thief Because each of the reservoirs are designed golf course, bad people will game the ball into the pond, so the court to hire special fishing the ball in the hot days, then 1 to 2 yuan price recycled. 39-year-old is to Hunan Lu underwent a living fishing the ball. Last year, Lu underwent a partnership with some friends, spent 1 million contract under the Pinghu Jiaxing City, fishing golf balls for a living. The winter cold, Lu underwent fishing golf balls are not allowed. Until a few days ago, riding the warm weather, Lu underwent and partnerships talent into the water fishing the ball, but Lu underwent feel so depressed, there are thieves who actually have the first step to salvage most of the golf, so Lu underwent with partners lost money. Evil idea stolen fishing playing golf Lu underwent grew more and more well done after a loss, always thinking about how to return capital to fishing. Lu underwent learned from a friend at this time, Henin has a golf course, Eagle's Nest New from last winter to now hire people fishing off the ball has not estimated the pond there are many "goods." Lu underwent immediately to the spirit to think of "Tsutsumiuchi loss Diwai up", he immediately hired the 30-year-old fellow Jiangmou to discuss the how to take an golf course to steal. 8 hours to steal the ball diving divers 1600 This year on May 11 at 7 am, and Lu underwent and Jiangmou to the Eagle's Nest Golf Course south of New small stream, cold water they put on a "frogman suits", the body wrapped up. The first line of the ball they were necessary for professional fishing. After the two men into the water, swim across the river, to the No. 7 hole golf course near the pond, nearly 2 meters Jiangmou headlong into the deep water fishing for the ball, Lu underwent fishing in the pond edge, and together they explored of 8 hours, picked up from the water a total of 1,600 full 3 Pidai golf. 2 stolen Qiuhou afraid dawn was found to advance from the fellow riding a borrowed car batteries, intended to Pinghu sold. But when they rode Kip tip Haining Road, I happened to be members of the patrol police station to see Eagle's Nest, a guilty conscience about to turn of their escape, was captured patrol in one fell swoop. Currently, Lu underwent stole the ball and Jiangmou Haining police have been under criminal detention.