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Reading race: fear of Bologna touch submarine reefs continue to rebound
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According to the Premier League schedule, the Manchester United away and Blackpool Beijing event will be held at 1:30 on December 5 for, but suddenly passed before news comes as extreme weather, ice stadium Blackpool. After consultations, Manchester United, Blackpool and the unanimous decision of the match referee, Blackpool vs Manchester United English Premier League competition this round color matches postponed by the Note. At the same time, United officials confirmed this message. Cold weather, frost Manchester United game postponed blue stadium profit According to Manchester United official website introduced since last week, Blackpool is very bad weather in the city, while newly promoted staff tried to maintain golf course turf, but still failed to stop the Bloomfield Road pitch freezing. One day before the game (3 days), Manchester United away with the match referee Blackpool Mr. Wald went to the Bloomfield Road pitch inspection, and concluded that the court is not appropriate Blackpool game. At the same time, Blackpool and Manchester United official also confirmed the news event postponed. Now most of Europe continued to be severe storms hit England, too, some low-level screening of the league game has been postponed because of the snowstorm, and now Blackpool situation is quite bad. Although they have been since yesterday the use of thermal equipment on the court, in order to protect the turf Bloomfield Road stadium, home not because Blackpool geothermal system, so this situation can not be race course. Although Blackpool Club also made a great effort, they eventually chose the extension. For such a harsh climate and environment, Blackpool also said reluctantly: "The weather is too cold, the temperature has dropped below zero and even 8 ℃, and even appeared on Thursday night, a large-scale frost, so the site is not suitable for holding the match. " Manchester United can not be played on the weekend Premier League Chelsea seem to be a good news, after all, they are now two points behind Manchester United, if the Blues at Stamford Bridge this weekend success defeated Everton, they will return to the top of standings . This may give the ailing Chelsea provided an additional impetus, after all, they know that as long as the win, behind Arsenal is very difficult to go beyond them, and then how to say their goal difference than the Arsenal number 4. Scandal does not affect the game: strange Bologna continue to rebound Although the English Premier League matches are affected, but the Serie A match went on. Viola Florence, nicknamed take home advantage, the main battle over the past 9 Cagliari success is to get it right. In such circumstances, Viola concessions actually transferred from the hemisphere, about half the water level is still in the high, which is obviously unreasonable. Cagliari began to rebound after the coaching change, Viola coach Miha uncle has not been recognized. Bologna strange recent trend in the burst because of tax arrears by deduction of marks, as well as wage arrears and other club scandal, but a guest victory over Cagliari. Bologna is also a bad idea in the league away win results, the experience is supposed to lowly Cesena rebound opportunity. Cesena Ping / half, progressively higher level there is a trend, can not be ignored Bologna customer wins possible. Over the past 12 at home against Udinese, Parma, 7 wins, 2 to obtain a negative success 3. Udinese guest 2 game losing streak. Parma concessions flat / semi-high water or low water tie, the home team advantage is not obvious. Parma few sessions home defeat to promote unbeaten home team. Sampdoria Cassano's contract dispute and will be ruling on Friday, but Pete has definitely break up with bad boy. Samp chance this season to reach half of the draw at home, Barry is a 2 level 4 guest negative. Absolute advantage in the case of the home team, Samp concessions from half a ball drop, home court advantage are not apparent. Last round home loss to Sampdoria, Lecce before the end of the journey of the season unbeaten. In contrast, 7 guest Genoa won only 2 games war. Juventus recent fighting unbeaten 14 to maintain a strong, but 9 of which field is a draw. Catania at home this season with 5 wins and 4 levels remain undefeated strong, so Juventus guest hemisphere high water, it falls flat / half. Juve Catania war over the past 7 wins 4 level 2 to get a negative result, of which 1 loss at home 2. Juventus defeated a long time, need to pour hot stove against Juventus. La Liga need to beware of investment and the focus of war: "Yellow Submarine" fear of touch Reef Yellow submarine to get home to Villarreal this season, 10 wins and 1 level of the impressive record, but Sevilla submarine warfare made the last 24 and 13 wins. Villareal home concessions hemisphere, gradually lower the water level of the home team has a certain look high. However, the need to see the track record of dominance in Seville, 3-game losing streak susceptible to neglect. Getafe Mallorca main battle over the past 8, 2 to get 4 wins, 2 losses record. Lose the ball in injury time Getafe week, but you can see the team record on the rise. Mallorca war had only lost nearly 8 Zaragoza, State of valor. The relative ratio of the two under the concessions actually weak Getafe from flat / semi-early and jumped to the hemisphere, this is the home team's favor, promote bile 3 Bo. Spanish league matches unbeaten this season, Gijon 7 2 level 5 road is negative. Logically, the Spaniards should take absolute advantage at home, but half an index of the current water level tended to increase. Over the past 2 main battle Gijon, Spain is only 1 loss to get a bad record, so the water level reasonable. Almeria defeat last weekend though, but the injury time goal to lose them to Win. Such and such, Almeria disk path to achieve a soft landing, indicating that there will be some rebound. Zaragoza has been a guest for 3 battle undefeated track record is also dominant. Santander is a guest has 6 game losing streak, the state line the bottom. 1 wins and 5 losses at home in Malaga, met only get 1 point away Santander, concessions hemisphere high water, this index is normal. Hemisphere high water, many do not quite trust the home team's performance lottery, it can not become a popular choice for Malaga. The main battle over the past 9 Bilbao, Real Sociedad 3 get 4 wins, 2 negative results. This is the Basque derby, from the track record of view, flat / semi-index of three results and recent can be more evenly. From the integral point of view, the Royal Society and Bilbao 6 wins and 1 level 6 are negative, the same results, draw a very small probability.