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China manned submersible will be 5 1000-7 km deep sea trial
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Science and Technology has revealed that China's "dragon number" manned submersible technology improvements and 5,000 to 7,000 meters of test subjects through the implementation of the program in Wuxi, 863 Office of the Organization of marine technology experts. Learned that the sea trial will challenge the world's largest manned deep submergence depth of the new, and formed deep dive exploration and operational capabilities, and strive for the Chinese deep-sea technology and ocean exploration to the development of mineral resources, greater Contribution. Project-level target is 3,000 meters on an experimental basis, for the purpose of findings and application of technical improvements as necessary; completed 5000-7000 m water depth level test, the provisions of the marine environment (weather, sea conditions, hydrological ) Under the conditions of manned submersibles feature a comprehensive assessment, performance ; To carry out research into the classification society level specifications, and completed the entry-level manned submersible; for manned submersible final delivery to users, input of the ocean seabed resource exploration and lay the foundation for the cause of scientific investigation. "No dragon," manned submersible technology improvements and 5000 to 7000 meters Test is the "second five" 863 Plan of marine technology "submersible technology and major equipment," an important part of major projects. August of this year, China's first self-designed, self-integrated development of the "dragon number" 3000 meters deep-sea manned submersible sea trial a success level, the maximum dive depth of 3759 meters. This indicates that China became the United States, France China, Russia, the fifth day after more than 3,500 meters deep to grasp the manned deep submergence technology countries.