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New Technology: Liquid Oxygen diving-specific
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Technology home recently working on a liquid oxygen-rich, similar to the "Evangelion" in, EVA insert tied the LCL fluid. This makes the divers breathing oxygen-rich fluid alone, you can dive 3,000 feet without having to rely on heavy diving equipment, not to worry about in such depth will be decompression sickness. The liquid oxygen for breathing, to replace the oxygen in the air is not what the idea is not new concept, the U.S. Navy as early as the beginning of the last century, DK 80 years, through experiments on mice show that the liquid is effect. The greatest advantage is that both can not breathe air, do not have to worry about decompression sickness, blood pressure of dissolved gas will react. First, the diver must wear a perfluorinated compounds of oxygen into the liquid-filled helmets. They had the case in the absence of breathing gas liquids, of course, is to go through training, taking certain drugs or the hose into the throat. The lungs of oxygen-rich liquid in order to cycle around the chest divers need a small pump, using the pump to help the diver to breathe fast enough to prevent suffocation. But this is still not solved the problem of carbon dioxide removal, for which need to be a diver into the femoral artery catheter, through the membrane filter to filter the blood transport carbon dioxide, will be directly discharged. Although a good solution to the liquid oxygen diving in the respiratory and pressure, body fluid suction and discharge speed is fast enough, but the biggest shortcomings is still the need for helmets, but also a push to the throat of the tube, makes even the daily dive, still very inconvenient, but also not a good solution to the discharge of other gases, such as human tissue inert gases.