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Salvage Diving Industry Association of China initiatives should be actively invo
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September 8, 2010, China Diving Salvage Association annual meeting held in Xi'an. Meeting, the association sent to each member of the initiative, calling on them to actively participate in the center of the country, with the organization's response to major natural Major accidents and disasters and public emergencies emergency response activities, and in flood control and disaster relief assistance made outstanding contributions to the North Sea, the first flight teams of three units to recognition. Initiative of the member of the Association under the unified leadership of the Government to companies, business or personal name composed of elite professional rescue teams and volunteer emergency workers, and create a difficult one P Plus support for the socialist Rescue collaborative atmosphere system, create an emergency rescue system with Chinese characteristics. Enterprises according to their own advantage, in the professional rescue teams to play a professional role in the disaster approaches, together with the government actively Department of the linkage mechanism to maintain smooth, as long as the government needs to provide a professional without hesitation facilities, equipment and the corresponding staff. China Diving Salvage Industry Association executive vice president Dai-Ji said to the people-oriented, concerned about safety, care for life for the development of the association should promote the concept of courageous Chinese nation, heal the sick, helping others, The morality of self-sacrifice. The member also said that by the disasters of others, harm and danger, they should fulfill their social responsibilities, to come forward and lend a helping hand, emergency rescue, save lives. It is understood that China was founded in 2008 Diving Salvage Association has developed five groups of members, unit members increased from 115 to 170. This year 30 new members join the unit, with an increase of 22% compared to last year.