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Opening Liu Peng of sports director conference emphasizes taking part in the mat
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Hua Aoxing empty Beijing on January 7 report (reporter Li Xu is entered high) conference of countrywide sports director kicked off in Beijing today 2008. Liu Peng of director of national sports total bureau emphasizes in congress report, the end that delegacy of “ China sports plays Beijing Olympic Games must be the target of an integrated comprehensive higher administrative levels. ”

This year is Beijing Olympic Games receive Guan Zhi year, of decisive battle year, each athletic groups are in strive outstanding achievement has been done prepare for war when the preparation that pounds level works, liu Peng emphasizes returning must comprehensive, know the Olympic Games objectively take part in the match target. Beijing Olympic Games is gymnastic grand meeting not just, the big target that we must flourish from progress of stability of construction of stimulative socialist economy, politics, society, culture will know do to surpass and take part in the match target.

“ our take part in the match the target that the target must be an integrated comprehensive higher administrative levels, this is: It is to develop Olympic drive, promote China sports spirit, go all out in work tenaciously, get the better of not arrogant, be defeated not to putrid, with Chinese athlete favorable mental view and sportsmanship fashion show national figure; 2 it is the athletics level with sufficient due play, create better exercise success to be a country win honour for; 3 be learn to delegacy of each country, various places, strengthen friendly communicating, promotional friendship; 4 it is the gymnastical enthusiasm that arouse and guides people, stimulative masses gymnastic develops flourishingly, build socialistic harmony society to make contribution for compose. ”

Regard the sports of Amphitryon as emissary, good athlete of sports of China of Liu roc hope can show fashion of style of excellent sports craft, thought, spiritual outlook, morality on Olympic Games competition ground. The superior performance of Chinese good athlete is sure to become Chinese country figure and Chinese sports figure show, yo of the polity in also will be opposite- - no matter be athletics gymnastic,development or masses gymnastic gain ground with etc the progress of each sports facilities produces long-term effect.