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Countrywide sports director can begin Chen Zhili attends Liu Peng to make a them
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Time of Beijing of Hua Aoxing empty dispatch on January 7, conference of countrywide sports director was held in office building of national sports total bureau 2008. State Consul Chen Zhili attended Liu Peng of director of total bureau of sports of the conference, country to do a theme to report for congress.

The theme of conference of whole 2008 state system Director Yo is: Carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party in the round, get for all with scientific progress view, do good Beijing Olympic Games stoutly of final phase prepare for war the job, strive to obtain exceedingly good result on the Olympic Games, produce the integrated effect of Beijing Olympic Games adequately, stimulative sports facilities is coordinated in the round can develop continuously, sum up experience, face future, satisfy the sports demand that people increases ceaselessly further, make new contribution to build Chinese characteristic socialism, compose to build harmonious society.

On this conference, of Olympic Games of Beijing of BOCOG put up with newest make preparations the circumstance undertakes delegate of unit of the introduction, part attending the meeting will undertake deputy director general of total bureau of sports of speech, country Hu Jiayan will undertake summing up for the conference. Session, still will hold annual meeting of Chinese Olympic committee and sports of China whole nation to always be met conferences of 7 6 standing committee.

The conference by group leader of be careful in one's conduct of vice secretary of leading Party group of national sports total bureau, deputy director general, record Hu Jiayan is chaired, sheet of Xiao Min of Duan Shijie of deputy director general of national sports total bureau, Wang Jun, Feng Jianzhong, Xiao Tian, Cui Dalin, Cai Zhenhua, director assistant and each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan lists city, , total ginseng military training and bureau of training of sports of ministry of arm of services, total politics bureau of propagandist culture sports, each industry put oneself in another's position assist, each hall, department, bureau, prepare for war do, unit of each directly under and the main controller about sports school attended this meeting.

This second conference will conclude on January 8, 2008. (North and south)