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Body rich meets: Aid push sports industry to develop prosperity of collective te
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On December 27, 2007, exposition of sporting goods of 2008 China International (the 22nd) the press conference is held in Beijing. National sports total bureau attends the meeting about the leader, delegate that postpone business and media reporter. The conference announces, 2008 exposition of China International sporting goods (the 22nd) will come on May 29, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will kick off on June 1 eve, the center is exhibited in the China International that is located in Beijing to arrange justice area (new house) hold.

Serve as to be sponsorred by federation of sporting goods of national sports total bureau, China, center of equipment of equipment of sports of national sports total bureau undertakes, establish up to now already 15 years, for the fair that has held 21 successfully, the development that exposition of China International sporting goods is accompanying course of study of Chinese sporting goods had gone to arrive from planned economy market economy, from single production management mode arrives the development way that mode of linkage of whole industry catenary changes sports industry nowadays. When the growing process that speaks of sporting goods exposition, wang Jun of deputy director general of national sports total bureau says: “ is exhibited as the sporting goods that force has most on international one of, exposition of China International sporting goods is industry of Yo of the polity in be being accompanied and sporting goods course of study grow and ceaseless development expands rise, during this, the “ that body rich can witness industry of whole of native land brand to upgrade not only is done do strong ” greatly, close also all previous international enterprise marchs the “ of Chinese market is done solid do deep ” ; Body rich meets do exhibit the concept runs means to also be in ceaseless exploration and practice with what commercialize get update and rising. ”

Chairman of union of world sporting goods Mr Larsen sends congratulatory telegram, and express, afterwards after 2006, the significant activity that meeting general regards the annual meeting of federation of world sporting goods of next year and peak of industry of sporting goods international as exposition of sporting goods of the 22nd China International is held in Beijing. Run strategy to change in the globalization capital of industry of Chinese sporting goods today, china gradually by the world fair the sports production market that thinks scope is vast and sports spending market, the development of Chinese sporting goods has been the production of pure sporting goods and development no longer gradually, more involve chain of whole sports industry to swim up and down industrial linkage, it is especially after Chinese application Olympic Games is successful 2001, this kind of effect is more apparent ground protruding comes out now, how to clutch the opportunity that the change of afore-mentioned sports industries brings, the heavy enlarged class that has made progress of industry of our country sports is inscribed, the fair of sporting goods of the 22nd China International that is about to hold (the summer) it is just about below the premise of big setting of this group course of study, adjust train of thought actively, break through original concept, put forward to share grand meeting with “ , hand in hand win-win ” gives priority to a problem, strive makes surveyor's pole of sports industry exposition.
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