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World web swim tounament opens player of contest Italy China two days to seize 3
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Woman web of 200 meters of surface swim bear the palm person: Li Jing is in, right for Zhu Baozhen (Su Ke / photography)

Hua Aoxing empty dispatch web of the 14th world swim tounament cared about city of big profit southern part on July 29, 2007 cling to in kick off, our country player had won 3 gold in two days of matches afore.

Woman 50 meters of breathless skin dive, chinese player Zhu Baozhen and Xu Huanshan undertook the whole thing Guan Yajun.

Liaoning athlete Liu Jiao 3 minutes of 21 seconds 37 win a woman 400 meters of web swim champion, chen Xiaoping 3 minutes of 23 seconds 70 obtain the 6th.

Be in the following day woman 200 meters of web swim in the match, cent of precious of Guangdong athlete Li Jing, bright red treasure is obtained one, 3, gram of grave of · carat husband obtained Russia player Waxilisa silver medal.

In man project, current generation group of big profit of idea of one who treats sb to a meal of bright and beautiful contest very grab an eye, and Chinese team still does not have gold enter an item in an account.

Web of man 4X200 rice swim relay, italian team 5 minutes of 32 seconds record of 87 adapting worlds gains the championship, russia, Wukelan wins silver medal, bronze medal respectively. Chinese team did not enter finals.

The man is mixed 400 meters 1500 meters of web swim finals, · Fei Jini creates Italian Sitaifanuo twice world record, with 2 minutes of 59 seconds 74, 12 minutes of 27 seconds 15 ascend highest the stage that receive award. 13 minutes of 13 seconds are in Chinese player Wu Yuelong 41 rows 1500 meters of web swim the 7th. 400 meters of web swim in preliminary contest, the preliminary contest achievement of boat of Wei of Wu Yuelong, week is 3 minutes of 14 seconds 65, 3 minutes of 12 seconds 54, did not enter finals.

Man 100 meters implement swim, yigeer of Wu Kelan's player Luo Ka of · all alone 32 seconds 68 gain the championship, chinese player Cen Jinlong 33 seconds 01 the 5th.

Man 800 meters implement swim, greek player Yiaonisi Ji Si of Luo Na of · all alone with 5 minutes of 52 seconds 72 pick so that gold creates new world record, chinese player Di Tao is in group preliminary contest with 6 minutes of 22 seconds 00 the 7th, without predestined relationship final.

Man 50 meters of web swim finals, wu Kelan's Weidali dimension of wave of · humble benefit is strange 15 seconds 34 seize gold. Chinese player Jiang Xinchu, Yuan Haifeng ranks the 8th, their finals achievement all is inferior to preliminary contest.

This second match still set the double web project with civilian common dive, and professional web swim the match is odd web. Man web of 50 meters of double web swim finals, · library pulls the Paweier of Russia division husband 19 seconds 83 win championship, the 21 seconds at the beginning of Chinese player Jiangxin 63 obtain the 8th. Woman web of 200 meters of double web swim finals, before Hungarian player undertook the whole thing two. Preliminary contest of Chinese player Zhu Baozhen is sentenced to foul, and Liu Jiao also does not have predestined relationship final.
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