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Wang Jun: The web that Shenyang walks along swim world champion
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Mention Chinese woman natant team, sports is confused people not unfamiliar, 5 gold spend “ ” of ” , “ floret ” , “ small floret, these heroine people in alive bound contest, the ground rises national anthem of ensign, achieve, won honor for the motherland. But mention the web of a branch of natant motion swim, familiar person may be very few. Actually, in last centuries the international of 80 time swim altar, two Liaoning girls ever also were in the world for many times web swim the country is in the match win honour for. Their name is: Wang Jun, Zheng Shiyu. And the natant top-notch player that Wang Jun takes from Shenyang namely.

Wang Jun, was born in Shenyang city on October 8, 1966 family of a common cadre. Like sport as a child, 8 years old begin to enter city physical culture school to attend natant training. She went to natatorium partly at 5 o'clock in the morning everyday, spare training of 5 years never absent passes one day. Because training is assiduous, her technology level rises very fast. Was chosen 1980 into city major natant team trains, this year, she created Shenyang city and Liaoning province woman 200 meters, 800 meters of 400 rice, new records of 3 crawl. In Liaoning province the 4th games swam 1982 in the match, her refresh grown woman crawl 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters 3 records.

By 1982, she is chosen team of Liaoning province skin dive, by natant instead skin dive. Swim of 8 years trains, make Wang Jun had better fitness, but the crural web that dress weighs a few kilograms, swim everyday on 10 thousand meters, double foot often is ground to get blood dripping wet by crural web. Crural ministry because each joint is long negative charge is too big, produce bone hyperplasia for many times, must wear high-heeled shoes on foot, wear smooth bear hard sorely with the shoe. Harder is the training that do not have oxygen, want many meters 50 to swim at a heat sometimes. Because cerebrum is anoxic, training ends, have a headache constantly.

Below the elaborate education of coach Zhang Yuanmou, april 1986, in countrywide dive match, she obtained 50 meters of breathless skin dive and 100 meters of skin dive the first, among them 50 meters of breathless skin dive with 17 seconds the achievement of 7 surpassed world record. August, the web of the 4th world that holds in Berlin swim in tounament, she won championship of 50 meters of breathless skin dive. Liaoning province government is celebrated for Wang Jun result, she is commend in contest of alive bound skin dive country win honour for, the Women's Federation of provincial Party committee of Liaoning of the Youth League, province awards Wang Jun “ to save ” of shock worker of new long march and “ to save honorary title of ” of hand of 38 red flags respectively. She still is judged to be “ Liaoning saved ” of 10 beautiful athlete 1986. The Sino-Japanese web that held in Guangzhou 1987 swim in dual meet, wang Jun with 17 seconds the achievement of 86 breaks a woman the world record of 50 meters of breathless skin dive, in those days, be awarded honor of “ athletic sports by national Sport Commission numismatic ” and title of ” of master sportsman of campaign of “ international class. Xiao Jiang of our newspaper reporter (the support of acknowledgment collector Zhan Hongge to the article)
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