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Waterborne meeting begins sunshine to time field and constituent job be all set
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On May 20, waterborne from sunshine meeting holds a surplus 100 days, in this special day, the reporter comes to sunshine, experienced the sunshine that times 100 days.

Field times

Sunshine undertakes the field of waterborne meeting has maritime, dead water, torrent to answer the square that come back and undertakes closure, at present all field entered the sprint phase that times.

Already successful and finishing is last year world caique tounament the field of 470 class match, the caique that this will be current and waterborne meeting field of sail board match, this field is at present open to the citizen, a lot of sail board lover plays to the top of one's bent here. The field with the biggest difficulty is the large music square that undertakes an opening ceremony, the reporter sees on square, infrastructure already infrastructure ends, workers are undertaking refining handling to detail. The pavilion of musical square is already finishing now, musical fountain awaits store water, before June 30, include this plaza inside whole place will complete complete.

Constituent job times

Release mascot, after collecting kindling material, waterborne conference organizing committee another main job: The volunteer grooms begin formally. On May 19, waterborne meeting volunteer serves sunshine total fleet presents the flag and complete member groom the ceremony that start is held, of the volunteer groom the job is started formally. Because waterborne conference is professional strong, so volunteer work ministry holds to strengthen study to be placed in significant position, organization, supervise and urge the study that ministry room staff enhances pair of professional knowledge, characteristic of setting of the setting that understands waterborne meeting to hold, project, project and agonistic regulation.

Besides to professional volunteer groom, everybody of “ of person of sunshine appeal sunshine is contended for when volunteer ” . In sunshine, the reporter saw " manual of waterborne can civilized formal conduct propaganda " , the citizen civilization that there is sunshine above is normative, have introduction of waterborne meeting project, still have indoor bus brief introduction, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is basic ceremony, language.

Sunshine people times

Draw near as waterborne meeting increasingly, the passion that each of sunshine average citizen shares waterborne meeting is in constant growth, lian Xiaopeng friend is not exceptional also. On May 19, I draw “ of aquatic sports ”2007 rice coloured drawing or pattern grows an activity to start a ceremony to be held in square of sunshine Children's Palace. Many 1000 teachers and students that comes from ten elementary school of whole town participated in the activity that start, children use the plainest painting brush, expressed the happy feeling that holds to waterborne meeting. This activity is waterborne meeting masses only one of large recreational and sports activities, such activity still is met after uninterrupted roll out.
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