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Water of China of 8 big 111 small bright waterborne meetings army sunshine will
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After afterwards the national games, city carries meeting, great fortune is met, match of large athletics sports increases national level again aquatic sports of China of ”——— of “ Xin Ding is met. By national sports total bureau, Shandong saves a government to sponsor, aquatic sports management center, Shandong saves national sports total bureau the waterborne meeting that municipal government of sports bureau, sunshine undertakes jointly will come to will be held in sunshine on September 8 on August 28 this year. Current, each job is undertaking step-by-steply.

Waterborne meeting is Chinese initiate not only, more on the world first. Regard a kind of new match as the system, will make historic contribution to promoting the development of our country and even career of world aquatic sports. Current and waterborne meeting sets caique in all oarage of sail board, gig, skin, motorboat, slippery water, dragon boat, web swim, the limit moves in all 8 big, 111 Xiaoxiang, the official of international country high level that attends the meeting at the appointed time, trainer, ref and athlete will exceed 3000 people.

Of establish of national sports total bureau with the “119” project closely related project of Olympic Games match, include aquatic sports item to our country inside the training of project of Olympic Games match raised taller requirement, this is waterborne meeting hold raised objective requirement. And regard a young and beautiful seaside as the city, sunshine city is having good aquatic sports infrastructure: In November 2004, sunshine world sail surpasses base by national sports total bureau formal approval is aquatic sports management center ” of Education Foundation of “ country aquatic sports, be labelled 2008 sail of Olympic Games caique board ground of warm up competition ground; Had rich experience running contest because of sunshine more: 2004 countrywide caique tounament, 2005 world of caique of international Europe class bright and beautiful contest, matches of a series of domestic and international Gao Shuiping such as bright and beautiful contest were in world of 470 class caique 2006 sunshine city is held successfully.

“ sings the sports play, concept that makes match card ” to had been in sunshine development popular feeling, also be these advantage places, applied city of sunshine of current and waterborne meeting to use 63 days only. April 27, 2005 is the day that sunshine person forgets hard, this day, national sports total bureau agrees to save sunshine city to hold Chinese aquatic sports to meet at was in Shandong 2007.

For the preparatory job of waterborne meeting, municipal government of bureau of sports of province of center of guidance of sports of management center of department of form of contest of national sports total bureau, aquatic sports, society, Shandong, sunshine comprised first waterborne meeting to prepare working committee 2005, set one room 5, and in November 2005 formulate allotted compendium of waterborne conference action, preparatory job spreads out in the round. Be worth what carry is, sunshine city started project of the park on Olympic water, this year the complete before June 30, the contest of project of will contented all aquatic sports trains need. As we have learned, 75% what already finished total project amount at present.
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