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Phreatic water light has 3 treasure: Web of face lens, breathing tube, foot
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Want phreatic water to be able to need to use phreatic water equipment, simple for, phreatic water equipment can be divided have for light and equip again two kinds. What light equipment points to is dive of face lens, breathing tube and crural web —— 3 treasure, you go in float from time to tome these a few equipment are OK, and water lung dive still needs to have heavy equipment, those who point to is buoyancy regulating unit (BC) , appearance of breathing adjuster, dive, gas cylinder. Dive equipment has countless design and color, you can be mixed according to the form of phreatic water, purpose, your be fond of the equipment that body characteristic will come to choose different character.

The window of world of benthic of face lens —

The attempt opens an eye in water, what can see is an ambiguous picture only, because the density of water is bigger than air,this is, the light arrived in water can have reflection. And the focal length of the eye is according to air medium light adjusts, accordingly, face lens made cavity is withheld before your, let you have clear line of vision. Face lens and natant spectacles is the biggest different depend on former overspreading an eye to still overspreading nose not only, because squash to prevent when phreatic water,this is, need balances the pressure inside nasal cavity, so natant glasses cannot be used at phreatic water.

General face lens by face of the safe glass lens of aggrandizement, joint model balata or silica gel group edge and can secure the position adjust fillet to comprise. The safe glass lens of aggrandizement can prevent broken into the fragment of long and thin glass that has high risk. Group the material qualitative silica gel of the edge is ambitious at balata, because silica gel is more durable than balata,this is 3-4 times, make the skin not easily allergic, more soft kind is comfortable. Some lens sets catchment a powerful person, it is an one-way valve with will eliminate the seeper inside face lens. Those who choose face lens is the most important 2 o'clock is appropriate and comfortable, other equipment also is such. An improper face lens may slack cause allergy possibly still, reduce the fun of a lot of dive.

Test range lens is appropriate, want to put face looking glass on the face gently only, (need not take above) use nose next inspiratory, appropriate face lens will be clingy go up in the face till you expiratory. Returning those who have attention of a bit need is, want to decide you to be able to hold nose easily outside face lens. The style of face lens is varied, have sheet piece lens, two lens and multichip lens a lot of kinds, only normally the design of two lens deserves to have but the lens of correctional eyesight.

The two sides that can use the soft cloth that is stained with toothpaste to wipe lens gently before the first time of face lens is used protects oily film with purify. Face lens needs to be cleaned adequately with clear water after be used every time, place in dry and ventilated place, do not get sunshine is point-blank. If you are,face lens was used in seawater, best can immerse several minutes with Wen Shui, in case mordant saline dirty arises. If you cannot be cleaned on use wheeler, had better put face looking glass in water, because the salinity of dry is very difficult thoroughly cleared.
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