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Free dive: Do not take gas cylinder to slip into ocean
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To a lot of people, “AIDA” (Ayida) an opera that is Weierdi, have the show of the songbird with a breathtaking vital capacity, and to another some of person, “AIDA” is an organization (Association Internationale Pour Le Developpement De L'Apnee) , the organization of free diver. What is meant by free dive? In do not carry gas cylinder namely and slipping into the sea greatly as far as possible, like the fish.

Pan Yan, skip extremely it is dangerous to wait for the limit to move to be inferior to diving rich challenge sex is mixed freely quality, in fact, this motion has ancient history, before early, slip into sea floor to search food and baby with respect to somebody. Mabeituo says Italian diver in · Pi Lici: “ freedom dives is to enter another world, without gravity, without color, without sound, it is the long jump that enters the soul. ”

October 1999, the submergence in Pi Lici reachs 150 meters deep, submergence is returned complete by at a heat, he a Buddhist nun of brethren tall accept is retentive the record is outspread 12 meters. January 2000, cuba person · cost lira is in Francisco the new record that Mexican bay achieved 162 meters, cost 3 minutes of 12 seconds. He dives that day is 38 years old of his birthday.

Pilicili is 34 years old, in one's childhood he fears water, shower is not willing. But he can live in Shui Zhongbing now what breath amounts to 7 minutes of 2 seconds is long (French Andy · straps · to all alone this the record is 7 minutes of 35 seconds) , although this makes clear his lobar different at the ordinary person, can say in Pi Lici: The ear that “ is more important is you whether bear the pressure of deep water, your muscle and your psychology prepares. Your muscle fiber should be thin and long, such bad news oxygen are little, you eliminate to fear to mix even anxious. ”

The dinkummest kind in free dive calls ” of “ constant weight phreatic water, oneself place maintains suffer gravity when showing diver submergence and float come up changeless, call “ relative to what answer to it absoluteness dive ” , device of gravity of the have the aid of when diver submergence, device of flotage of the have the aid of when float comes up. Of course, these two kinds of dive need to have the guide that carrying gas cylinder on the back. The record that ” of constant weight of the “ in Pi Lici dives is 80 meters, world record is by a Hawaiian dweller Beiruite · thunder Mass is especially retentive 81 meters.

Hall inferior · Situte, the best female free diver on the world, she also lives in Hawaiian. She is holding record of dive of ” of woman “ constant weight 67 meters, “ infinite ” dives achievement amounts to 113 meters, it is the top-ranking level that world man freedom dives. Be enmeshed in “ freedom ” plays a way this kind in, she is world champion, achievement is 55 meters, more optimal than man world result is even close 3 meters, diver of this kind of requirement playing a way is only allowable the force of arm, and cannot web of foot of have the aid of.
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