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What person cannot learn dive, what does the no-no disease of phreatic water hav
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The demand that studies phreatic water is healthy, without the following and no-no disease:

1.Once had accepted eardrum operation, or canthus film operation
2.Lung suffers injury history, especially spontaneity pneumothorax person
3.Illness of serious lung block sex, if swollen or chronic waste gas is serious asthma is ill person
4.The person that pulmonary alveolus has congenital resting room or lung bleb disease
5.The person that have epilepsy or jerky medical history
6.Faint regularly and the reason is unidentified person
7.Have disease of heart coronary artery, the person that be like angina pectoris or ever had miocardial infarction medical history
8.Have erythrocyte pathological change, the person that be like hook erythrocyte anaemia
9.Insulin is depended on model diabetic
The person that 10. long-term excessive drinking or medicaments become addiction
11. invigorative disease person

Have the person of afore-mentioned problems, cannot bear too big campaign or mentally cannot be debugged moderately, incidental danger, do not suit phreatic water so, but you can learn float to go, be in the place with good visibility, float goes to also can enjoy the gift that brings to you to the sea!