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What concern do buoyancy and dive have?
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To placing underwater object, the size of the flotage that it gets is equal to the weight that the water that it discharges estimates. If the object in water discharges the weight that boiled water estimates to be more than the weight of object itself, the object is float on surface, we say it is had buoyancy. Sink conversely, call negative flotage. The weight that if the object discharges boiled water,estimates and object itself are equiponderant, content experiences suspension Yu Shuizhong, achieve neuter flotage.

When phreatic water, it is very important that study controls buoyancy bulk in surface and benthic. Rest in surface for example when, buoyancy can save physical strength, and when benthic, time need maintains much to make you relaxed in neuter flotage ability free land is in water roam, maintain good visibility, also can avoid to make the flimsy biology in you and water is harmed.

Diver can be passed match adjusting gear of heavy, flotage (BC) the size that will adjust buoyancy with breathing depth.