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Put on crural web to use anybody of special equipment to be able to try web swim
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Chinese web swim accomplishment of the beautiful on alive bound is ceaseless, have in world record near the half is in Chinese hand. Do not think athletic grade is high nevertheless, the threshold is certain tall: Actually, want to put on crural web to swim only, you are undertaking web namely swim; If wear respirator, take gas cylinder, you can try surface web swim with underwater implement swim. And breathless skin dive, life will be met.

The web that wear a foot swims, it is web swim main feature of motion. Two feet web is worn when people libertinism at ordinary times, it is web of high level major only swim the player wears a sheet now piece crural web, two feet are put into web of a foot, like looking to resembled growing the piscine tail of a mermaid. Because of sheet piece the force of crural web more concentration, the force that hit water perhaps says the power that boosts human body advancement is greater also. It is very heavy also nevertheless, the area can be achieved most 76 centimeters grow and wide, average person is not passed suit, take exercise, hit very hard so that use water with it.

What 3 experience athlete wears is odd a crural web, fibre glass makes the slab before it, common weighs glass reinforced plastics; Balata package is used all round it, wear the place that takes a foot all round, fill is returned inside balata sponge. Athletic success stand or fall, of fit well web make have huge concern, namely the area of glass reinforced plastics of wrap up of the appearance of crural web, balata, specific place, how fill sponge, trainer measures a body to make according to high level player, this is technical secret.

If wearing crural web not only, there still is a breathing tube to swim in the mouth, the upright ministry of pipe shows surface breath, you are undertaking surface web namely swim, namely of abbreviation of the people inside course of study, the web of narrow sense swim meaning. The length of breathing tube, diameter has a regulation, the athlete uses it inspiratory, expiratory when should go out the water gush inside pipe. Secure breathing tube to facilitate, there is bracket of a metal on the athlete's breathing tube, bracket two end are the rubber band with very strong flexibility. Get on the belt toward the head, breathing tube is located in before nose.

Some athletes are taking a gas cylinder to swim in the hand, their body and equipment do not show water completely, because this gas cylinder supplies what they breathe in underwater to use, do not need breathing tube at this moment. This is underwater implement swim, abbreviation implement swim. Gas cylinder measurement is different, great weight has 4 kilograms about, normally Sunday run is used, can accommodate more compression air; The least gift is less than 1 kilogram, use below stone's throw circumstance.
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