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Do you know what is " does tall oxygen dive " ?
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What is tall oxygen dive (Enriched Air) ?

” of “ tall oxygen dives, …… of dive of ” of “ oxygen boosting, different name all interpret from at “ENRICHED AIR” this noun, what it points to is content of the oxygen in be being enraged with Gao Wukong (> the oxygen of 21%) and the gas mixture that nitrogen place comprises, we mix gas ” to say with “NITROX” or “ nitrogen oxygen. Use oxygen of 22% - 40% normally, decomposite nitrogen will lie fallow of phreatic water with.

Use NITROX dives, have its advantage, also have its restriction, but the safety that the most important is phreatic water (the use of NITROX develops, those who be also is) of phreatic water safety.   

Train through good academic education, cooperate accurate instrument to examine indicative, you can have safer phreatic water environment. The development of NITROX already had history of 10 years several, basically be with commerce and military affairs utility is first, ceng Yousi is spent during this in a large-scale the territory that sales promotion thinks to enter recreational go under water, population of You Wuqian water is basic and academic conditional inadequacy, try the cost of NITROX is tallish, popularity rate is not good wait for an element, suffer defeat on the verge of victory. The recreational dive system on eye preexistence bound still is given priority to with compressing air to dive. .