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The processing of decompression disease and precaution
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The friend that likes go under water has heard of “ decompression ill ” more or less this kind of disease, so, decompression disease is how to return a responsibility after all, symptom how, how will handle and prevent?

Decompression disease, english calls Decompression Sickness (DCS) , its produce a reason to be: Phreatic water deepness exceeds 10 meters or at pressurization the indoor job that amounts to 2 absolutely atmosphere exceeds 50 minutes, end at phreatic water or high pressure is indoor after the job, the inert gase in because reduce pressure is improper,causing remain to be organized in joint or body (enrage He like nitrogen N2 or helium) , outside cannot sending a form circularly along with blood and form bleb, create the body incommensurate or acute obstacle, call decompression disease or caisson disease (Caisson Disease) . Decompression disease can be divided into decompression disease according to the symptom one model as ill as decompression 2 model, with chronic model the 3 sort such as decompression disease.

Decompression is ill one model decompression is ill one model because inert gase forms bleb hind to jam,basically be cause articulatory and acuteness ache between subcutaneous tissue, joint or muscle, affect behavior ability, its are main the symptom has: The skin is scratchy, prickle, roseola, articulatory muscle is aching.

Decompression is ill 2 model decompression is ill 2 model because,basically be aeriform bubble congest the respiratory system at human body, circulatory system or neurological cause body functionary serious obstacle causes shock and death, its are main the symptom has: Coma of faintness of dazed, dazed, disgusting, vomiting, tinnitus, dizzy, dysphonia, vision, limb, harmonious difficulty, bosom is frowsty the bosom is painful, blindness, shock, death.

Chronic model what decompression disease points to is to expose the staff member that leaves at unusual atmospheric pressure for a long time, because reduce pressure is improper, bring about central nervous or body organization to produce chronic harm; Its are main the symptom has: Attention is not centered, eyesight drops, memory is lost, the action is sluggish, action is unusual. Return additionally discrepant the bone that press a gender is necrotic (Dysbaric Osteo-necrosis) , it is a kind of blame traumatic reach those who be not infection sex to lack spirit of courage and uprightness necrotic, produce diver of on-the-job course of study or high-pressured warehouse normally the chief character of work staff limb, especially femur and humerus.

No matter because phreatic water or high pressure are indoor,be,produce decompression disease, should contract disease as soon as possible send toward cabin of high pressure of medical treatment center to do decompression disease to treat. The process sending medical service of decompression disease also is to need to notice the following link:

1. The patient had better let lay down in process sending medical service, unlock is manacled (if go,take etc) , crural block up makes an appointment with 20-30 centimeter, in order to because bleb jams,avoid hemal or cerebral ministry is neurological and it is dangerous to happen.
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