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Faddish and Euramerican underwater rugger moves
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In recent years, home of United States is in Europe is faddish rugger of a kind of underwater moves, often hold internationally the match. 

This motion is to be in rice of a long 20—25, depth of water is not held in the cistern under 5 meters, cistern both sides sets goal. Players wear bathing trunks, the head wears bathing cap (helmet) , the mouth contains breath of in order to of a canaliculus, there is crural web even on the foot. The match is mixed with the ball the football is about the same, inside fill became full brine, such balls won't come on float. 

The both sides that plays the game has 5 team member and a goalkeeper to be in each underwater, 5 preliminary team member take the rest on Chi Bian's chair. When a team member tired, when the surface on float, a preliminary team member hastens submerge replaces him. The option of substitution opportunity is very important, very big to the influence of victory or defeat. The match wears the judge that phreatic water takes twice to execute the law from time to tome. 

Underwater rugger motion needs good fitness and able-bodied lung. The leg wants strong, so that can move quickly in water; The hand should have interest, because the ball is very heavy. The player that has experience can stay for a long time in water, and can control a ball beautifully. 

Although underwater rugger moves to make a person happy with onshore rugger motion, but watching the game is a problem however. Audience people although can be watched in Chi Bian, but do not look to give what reason however so. Installed a television camera in underwater later then, match circumstance umbriferous go up to huge TV screen, view the result so a lot of.