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Benthic world, the land that manages with our body is disparate space. Now we but the diving apparatus with newest have the aid of, falling without serious space, be proud swim at this color beauty, be full of the benthic world that uses feeling and energy, take a picture accept as a souvenir, record the thing that flits at the moment in you and content. Pardonable, phreatic water activity is one of recreational activities that expand the most quickly flourishingly in recent years.

Science and technology, besides letting us have reliable equipment to make safe dive, the rapid development that the number photographs, also make benthic photography equipment defter, more agile. Want simple operation skill only, not disappear a little while, personal classics can master the fun of photography about. The classic that just think films meticulously one piece by oneself, remember that beautiful picture out and out green, kiss friend to be shared simultaneously to love with yours again, then the portion satisfies feeling and fun, all be in not call the turn. Is benthic photography OK really so easy? Yes. Actually, the development of digital camera overcame the limitation of not little traditional watch for a chance in benthic.

Common waterproof cover is waterproof ability can achieve 40 meters

(1) price reachs weight: The development of digital camera, greatly the bulk of bring down camera, the plastic and waterproof case that waterproof fittings also develops to produce a large number of business is direct production by camera to nowadays by conventional metallic protection case, can touch commonly suffer 40 meters of waterproof deepness. The 5 million camera resembling element that buys recently for example joins waterproof case, make work only Hongkong dollar is controlled 2500 yuan, underweight 1 pound. No matter price reachs weight, 10 when send suit at all equably one of.

(2) speed and store quantity: The susceptibility that photograph of digital camera technology compares traditional humble Lin Duiguang is big multiple. Such but bring down in because the intensity of light is abate and benthic is right traditional humble forest exposure is restricted. The number stores technology, cost of photography of more significant cut and improve dimensional beneficial result.

(3) later period makes: As a result of water relatively airy density is tall, luminosity and colour and lustre follow deepness and disappear. Conventional film speed is low, and film comes out by mechanical develop and print, cameraman controls its colour not easily. The nowadays progress as science and technology, offer on the market of all kinds and simple the editor software that uses easily, make we are moved because of individual be fond of very easily teach relevant luminosity and chromatism. More but via different medium, include computer, TV is outputted by printer even, master all programs completely by oneself, add the contented touch of photography.

Benthic photography develops as digital camera and gain ground change. However, why to no matter use,plant camera and equipment, how be just a piece of good benthic photo? Though photography is very personification, beautiful, also be an individual subjective feeling. However on whole, if fruit is right anxious reach exposure accurate, illuminant and contrast are average, principal part is lively, this piece of appearance is very prominent.
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