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Information of dive of the Red Sea
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Go before dive of the Red Sea, need understands a lot of situations of place, especially underwater scene and characteristic. Can inquire to website of the Red Sea (Www. Red-sea.com) , pass this website, can contact a lot of phreatic water clubs of Egypt, the boat constellation that what we arrange this is 6 days of 7 night dives. The course compares the price, the phreatic water club of our make choice of is to be located in elder brother of Hurghada(Hu Er to amount to city) Aquanaut dive club (Www. Aquanaut.com) . From an any dive a lot of information can be obtained over there the club.

Because we go even,Caire and Lu gram all alone undertake terrestrial travel, did the website that also passes the Red Sea so contact a travel agent additionally (Spring? ? Tours, www.springtours.com) , by travel agent responsible arrangement receives the traffic inside machine, city, city time liaison man and board and lodging to wait. Before setting out, the go under water that needs preparation equips: Phreatic water 3 treasure (web of face lens, breathing tube, foot) , buoyancy compensates a vest (BCD) , one class and 2 class adjuster, dive is taken, go boots, flashlight. Whole suit adds outer packing case fully, gross weight makes an appointment with 25 kilograms. Equipment of best will all dive makes a package alone, and other change wash the need such as clothings, every day object to be carried additionally. If oneself do not want to carry equipment, the hire of phreatic water club that also can be in Egypt place, but need makes an appointment ahead of schedule, so that the other side prepares. Some go friend does not hope boat constellation dives, can consider from Israel of Beijing non-stop flight to, after arriving, the edge that take a car on the west of the Red Sea of Nai peninsula the east bank the Yi He of Sha of Mu of travel resort Sha that heads for the bump that is located in Egypt peninsula all the way (Sharm El Sheikh) lodges. The La Haixia of bank of Straits Of Tiran(that distance Ras silent breaths out body of vessel of heavy ship of date of park of state of silent heart underwater, SS.Thistlegorm and beauty over there) very close.


The equipment such as camera of the phreatic water equipment that diver carries, underwater and camera, overweight extremely easily, want to cut outfit so, consign baggage everybody is two, gross weight is restricted high of the regulation with exceeding airline 35 kilograms had better. Will precious reach brittle article park in baggage. There is blower, toothpaste, tooth brush, towel, slipper inside the underwater ship cabin of scheduling etc, need provide for oneself. Main impediment must lock.


Terrestrial temperature is high, sunshine is very enough. Maintain shoulder and arm not to appear, enter Mohammedan public, wearing please excessive expose. Clothings with light, Yi Xi, avoid very hot give priority to, but add please take a thin coat in case too strong cold air or dash forward the harships that come.
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