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PADI opens course of water area diver
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PADI opens course of water area diver

PADI opens water area to dive course is the first pace that steps phreatic water doorsill, the PADI that obtains the world to pass through when you is recreational after diver card, do not need to dive the superintend and director of professional personage guides, can have a good swim freely mysterious and wonderful marine world, the travel journey that makes you more rich and colorful.

Introductory demand: 15 years old of above, body state suits the person that have phreatic water activity

Curricular content: The quiet water area of 5 equipment of the development of basic and academic knowledge that water lung dives, dive and phreatic water skill, unit (swim pool) training dive and 4 open water area train phreatic water.

Rate: 3300 yuan, include equipment of teaching material cost, certificate fee, complete set to use fee. Do not contain fact of open water area to hold cost.