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Drive encyclopedia of phreatic water equipment oneself
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Crural web:

Distinctive duck web increased to play the effect of water, make the person is in water feed rate is rapidder, call a leg more relaxed. The person that suits to seek rate particularly is used.

Breathing tube:

Cooperate face lens to use, can make swimmer need not look up take a breath. The design that added catchment a powerful person makes catchment easier, handy. Special agree with water on the surface goes and swim won't the person of take a breath is used.

Buoyancy adjusts a vest:

Pass in water into exhaust valve, adjust oneself underwater flotage, airjacket can be made use in surface.

Triplex watch:

Had the located depth when it can in time know go under water, pressure of remnant of the place inside gas cylinder reachs way. It is the underwater tool with indispensable diver.

Phreatic water takes:

The reef in can avoiding water with protecting diver likewise for diver heat preservation or other move plant harm, special waterproof, compression design, the perspective in underwater is bigger. The material of silica gel is qualitative, natant dive is applicable. Especially to fearing the natant abecedarian of nose choke water has the effect very much.

Breathing adjuster:

It is the tool that diver breathes in underwater.

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